Ms Nilüfer Kurfeyz ,

 Nilüfer Kurfeyz was born on August 25“ 1957, in Istanbul.
She first became deeply Involved In studying decorative arts and the classical Ottoman style in high school while attending the seminars of researcher and Professor Süheyl Ünver.
She enthusiastically attended Professor Llnver's class at Topkapi Palace.
Kurfeyz attended Cahide Kesklner's Turkish Decorative Arts Studio between 1980-83 and received her diploma In 1983.

  In 1985 she graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Archeology and Art History. Classic Archeology was her Major Field of Study. While continuing to work as a gilder, Kurfeyz also participated In the restoration of several historic buildings, such as the Kara Ağalar Dormitory at Topkapi Palace's Harem, the New Mosque (Yeni Cami), the Baitallmanl Rectors' House, and Caddebostan Ragip Pasha's Waterside Mansion. Much of the work she did during this time involved drawing by hand, These experiences provided her with the foundation she now uses when she designs in either the classic and modern style.

  After graduating from university, Ms. Kurfeyz chose to focus on gilding.
During the time she was focused on gilding restoration, Ms. Kurfeyz had the opportunity to do research, This research enabled her to develop her own style and colors and apply them to her original, hand-crafted pieces.
Ms. Kurfeyz has come to the conclusion that true art and craftsmanship In the gilding art is hidden behind the harmony of the details, and this refinement composes the very soul of gilding. Her traditional, classical and modem designs all reflect this deeply-held belief, She staged her first exhibition In her own gallery 1992.

  In 2003 her book “Gilding" (Tezhlb) was published. In December 2005, she opened her second exhibition with Selim Sağlam, "30 years dedicated to art” and February 2009, she opened third  exhibition with Selim Sağlam, "İn The presence of Love" at Ciragan Palace and participated In several mixed exhibitions. All of Ms. Kurfeyz work, which has been created over a period of 38 years, is now in personal collections and museums all over the world.


Mr Selim Sağlam ,

 Selim Sağlam was bom in Istanbul In 1969. While attending Pertevnlyal High School he became passionately Involved in calligraphy and the decorative arts.
He considers himself lucky to have attended classes with Nilüfer Kurfeyz and have become her friend, for it is thanks to these lessons that he began a life in the arts.
In 1987 he obtained a diploma from the gilding course at the Ministry of Culture.
Although Sağlam graduated from university in e'conomics, he has chosen to work In the decorative arts and make gilding and the design of gilded objects his life's work.
Since 1990 Selim Sağlam and Nilüfer Kurfeyz have created pieces together they call collective works. While Sağlam also spends a good deal of his time doing restoration work, he Is personally focused on doing research about the art of zerendut, which is the traditional art of writing in gild. At the same time he continues to designs glided objects In both a traditional and modern style.
All of his work, which he has been producing since 1986, is in personal collections and museums all over the world.
He opened his first solo exhibition with Nilüfer Kurfeyz in 2005 and February 2009, she opened second  exhibition with Selim Nilüfer Kurfeyz, "İn The presence of Love" at Ciragan Palace and participated In several mixed exhibitions,
Sağlam thinks that art Is a key byproduct of civilization and that it is though art that civilization continues. He pays homage to art's importance by serving the art of gilding and sharing and his knowledge with art lovers.
Though gilding is a decorative method with an ancient history, the stylized quality of gilding through the ages allows it to also be modem.



Ms Nilüfer Kurfeyz

  Since 1985 she has been teaching what she has learned to people who are interested in learning this art.

 Ms, Kurfeyz also believes gilding can be a collective art. Since 1990 she has been creating collective works with her partner Selim Sağlam, who once took lessons from her,
Leaving the egos of two artists aside for the dream of uniting In a common line of vision is a difficult thing, but this approach is the key to designing collective work that Is a unified and complete.

  Ms. Kurfeyz continues to teach gilding at the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM), the National Palaces Department's Education Center Pavilion of Ylldiz Palace and currently a member of the scientific commitee.



Mr Selim Sağlam

In the gilding world, collective gilding design is an extraordinary approach, but together, Nilüfer Kurfeyz and Selim Sağlam create unique double autographed glided pieces.

Humans, ever since their existence, always had this urge of letting the others know of their ideas, faith and experiences in life in different ways. The best way to leave a landmark towards the future generations has been to leave a work of art. With this project, I have tried to express myself. With this occasion I would like to convey my best gratitude and special thanks to both masters, who have supported me and my project from the very beginning of this work with their wonderful designs and have caused to bring such cooperation into being.