Selçuk is the one of the most important places of Turkey with its history almost infinite. Every single street has many evidences of many beliefs. 3000 years old Ephesus is there.  The greatest temple devoted to Artemis is there. The youngest one of the twelve disciples, and the author of the one of the Bibles, of the Apocalypse and the founder of Evangelism, Saint John is there. He lived and died there. His mausoleum is there. The Seven Sleepers which are mentioned in Bible and also in Quran are also there. And Virgin Mary's House is again, in Selçuk.


We wanted to create an artwork for Selçuk, the place which has an enormous importance about culture, tourism and religion. We wanted it to be reflected to the next generations. It should become such an artwork which is sightly, aesthetic and a source of information. Our profession is carpet production. Therefore we developed an idea for creating a collection which represents all the spectacular magnificence of Selçuk in carpet designs. We reported this project to our anterior designers Nilüfer Kurfeyz and Selim Sağlam. After we got their approval, we triggered the operations. I was a tourist guide once, so I was already familiar with the visual richness of Ephesus. I told of these details to our designers. Finally they created beautiful designs by using all these details. By this way, we prepared the basis for our project. Our intention is always to rescue carpets from their workmanship identity and give them an art product identity. We have started to reach to our intention by the revelation of each aesthetic design. However, as the professors say: "a design devoid of information, cannot rescue the product from workmanship product identity". 


Respectfully Yours,